firstly a thought to ponder...

Thoughts and emotions activate nerves, nerves activate muscles, muscles activate bones,

Injuries in any of these lead to asymmetry of the body.

i.e. a muscle or portion of a muscle that is switched off / not fired up / has no or insufficient volume is flaccid or ineffective.  Your body no longer moves freely.

Other muscles in the system then attempt to compensate for this loss resulting in asymmetry AND producing aches, stiffness and/ or pain -scoliosis, subluxed vertabrae etc. etc..
(any therapy treatment that only treats the physical will turn the acute injury into the chronic injury)

Satya the BodyWhisperer  2006


For most people by the time they come to consult me have an ache / pain syndrome – a number of unresolved injuries gained through life in a complex inter-relationship with each other that they refer to as “my sore back”, the pain in the neck, since I had this ... surgery or “when I do this… this comes back” or “I don’t get enough sleep because I wake at ….” or “my …. hurts when I move this way” or “I’m almost 40 and I want to have a baby and need to get my body sorted out” or “I’m getting older and if I don’t do something soon, it’s not going to be "pretty" in another ten years” - I'm sure you are familiar!

Take hope, I have good news – I do have answers for you and “yes” I can help you. My unique skill is to be able to assist you to unravel ‘your jigsaw’ a piece at a time on your “Journey to Greater Wellness.

Nuts and Bolts:
My work is gentle remedial.
Your sessions with me are 90minutes which allows me enough time to be really thorough – you want results and I need sufficient time to be thorough. You will feel change during and at the end of your session however as with all transformative therapy it will continue to work its way through giving greater results over the next 21 days.
It is highly desirable that you have made some quality notes of symptoms, when they occur and level of severity when you start with me because often results happen very subtly and symptoms often slip away very quietly unnoticed in your sleep!

For those of you who wish to know about techniques I use – I am highly intuitive often making physical or energetic adjustment and I watch as it makes it’s change before making the next using modalities such as NeuroSkeletal Therapy, Cross-Fiber Therapy.  I use both “modern plastic” suction cuping and flame glass cupping moving seamlessly between Reiki, Rhythmic Pulsing, Voice Dialogue, Meditation, Ear Candling, a selection of oil or dry massage techniques plus intuition, insight and clairvoyance according to your needs to assist you on your Journey to Resolution.

Most of my sessions are clothes on – dry sessions utilizing many techniques and ‘oil-free’ massage. I use oil with cupping if it is used in the session.

Please wear loose clothes as your body will release, relax more and flow more freely in your session with loose clothing.

So... how may I assist you today?

 Give me a call , Satya Ph 0425411545

  • Cairns Northern Beaches Clinic Address is in Trinity Beach.
  • My mobile service will come to you in Cairns Northern Beaches – Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach & Palm Cove
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
  • 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • Atherton Tableland Clinic:
    Second Friday of each month I book mobile visits 10am to 6.30pm to Mareeba / Atherton / Malanda.
    Second Saturday at Mareeba Markets to Midday.
    Second Sundays at The Healing Space in Atherton 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm
  • Find me on Facebook search Satya massage, Atherton.

  • Ph or SMS  0425411545 to book your appointment.

      Our life expectancy is about 90 years – choose choice and let it be an energised, flexible, limber self-regenerating 90 years!

Here is a sharing from Julia who did!

 “I REALLY want to thank you for the treatment you gave me. It definitely shifted something that has been there a long time. My sacral area feels lighter and looser and my posture seems to have improved. The heaviness and inflexibility of that pelvic area has resisted all other work, so what you do is definitely extremely powerful.”


The day before yesterday ...     It began with a text “Aww! Help – pain”
... after receiving NeuroSkeletal therapy... Yesterday morning's text read  “ Just wanted to let you know how good your work is: this morning I woke feeling quite free of pain!!! Thanks a million.”

I followed up today how she is feeling and received this text back.

“And today too I feel quite renewed Yay!!!”

You and have your own experience?  Call me now...

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