08 Aug

Nature’s way of saying….

Discomfort is Nature’s way of saying

“Something isn’t right here- Need to Explore and DO something”

   Pain is nature’s way of saying

“You had Better Look into The Cause and DO something”


 Ache is nature’s way of saying

“You didn’t and It Has Gone Deeper”


       Resolution of Injury will result in the disappearance of All Three.

                                  You would like to resolve your discomfort, ache, pains?

 I can help you

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With Love,

Satya the Body Whisperer

08 Aug

Have you taken space for YOURSELF today?

Have you taken space for YOURSELF TODAY?

I mean real space for you


I mean time out from everybody else


I mean just with you


…and if you have did you take enough?


So many of the people I help began with   “I forgot to”  or ” just “could not bring myself” to take the time for them self until it mounted up and manifested as physical tension/aches / pain.

If you are one of these folk I can help you.

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so I can get it happening for you ASAP.

with love,

Satya the Body Whisperer




































Satya is a versatile BodyWhisperer,  remedial therapist, massage therapist & energy healer. As a mobile therapist he will come to you Northern Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches,  Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Australia. He specialises in working with chronic pain and chronic injury using Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing massage therapy. he may be contacted on ph 0425411545.

08 Aug

How do you hold yourself

Since very young I have observed people and how they are – their body shape, how they hold themselves, their aura, how their energy flows in their body and where it does & doesn’t flow.

This day as I sat and observed through my car windscreen people in the street walking past.

I observed…

A man and woman in their late 20’s walking past in conversation. What in particular took my attention was the woman and the combination of that she was very very large breasted and she walked very upright with a sense of unconcernedness as they chatted and walked. (There was not the self-consciousness or the stooping / round shoulders that I often see in women who are large breasted.)

I noted how she stood and how she held herself – upright and relaxed.

Clairvoyantly I asked “What does she hold?” What makes her special or different?

I looked at how she was energetically and her energy flow. I was inspired by what I saw.

I saw how her energy flowed down her spine where other people generally don’t.

How she was grounded energetically in her masculine to her ‘innerverse’ at 80% of her potential and that she held “Faith in her trust in God” and a number of other things energetically that I have seen only once before in an Originie Man in the documentary movie Kanyini.

I was shown that what she holds will keep her spine healthy in old age.

For me as a BodyWhisperer this is stunning information that I can share with others – my clients and take them to where they hold this also.

And me… I hold this now too and more as I saw, the more I to developed it to further my Good Health and Wellbeing now and in my future.

You would like to hold this too? Now to hold your poise and for spinal health in old age?

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Satya the Body Whisperer is a versatile energy healer that does remote and distance sessions in person (Trinity Beach) by phone or skype and is based in Australia. He specialises in Reiki healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, emotional healing and chakra healing.


P.S. Like to do your own research watch Kanyini. Take particular note of the archival footage.

with love,
Satya the Body Whisperer