30 Jul

Cupping, Brazilian Toe Massage & other therapies

Cupping & other therapies part 1

This  brief in The Art of Cupping is based on that you have either received cupping and thus have personal experience or you have researched cupping and thus have some concept of its possibilities for you .

I use two types of cups
(1) Glass Traditional Cups activated by flame (definitely my first choice for releasing, drawing, warming and doing lots of stuff modern cups don’t do)

(2) Modern Cups
–  flexible plastic (absolutely fantastic for cupping shoulders, elbows and knees – rounded shapes that other cups don’t fit)

(3) old style hard plastic (just the best for flash cupping and handy if I run short of cups – sometimes I use a lot)

(4)  glass cups with a suction bulb (superb for scars and stretch mark repair, treating cellulite, delicate spots and for beauty – face cupping – try it you will simply love the feeling)
In my own view I use all the cups both conservatively and with flair according to circumstance and condition I am working with.

Most people who use cups, do ‘static cupping’ – place the cups for a period of time and then remove the cups at the end of the session.

I use both static and mobile cups as I massage you with them using their capability to release, open, draw and expand; to release and repair fascia, release and open stuck muscles and to pull from the body stuck energy.

My clients so enjoy my practising the Art of Cupping Massage using modern flexible cups and traditional glass cups releasing long held tensions from their body, regaining flexibility and increasing their range of movement.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of giving cupping massage to my daughter who flew into Cairns and visited us at Trinity Beach. She was so pleased to leave so many tensions behind when she went home!

Hygiene with cups – glass and plastic

I wash my cups in citron, a citrus based detergent plus The Liquid Crystals “Balance Allign and Clear” cleansing them both physically and energetically and then rinsing thoroughly in running clear water.  This leaves them very clear and clean.

Always ask a practioner if they wash their cups and what procedure they use – you would be shocked to learn some do not wash their cups between clients.

To be continued

Brazilian Toe Massage